Erika Schläppi

Expert consultant

Dr. iur. Erika Schläppi is a lawyer and expert consultant on human rights and governance issues, particularly in the context of development and peace building. Her knowledge of human rights and governance work stems from different professional perspectives, including academic research, international governmental policy, non-governmental advocacy, and many years of consultancy work.

Ursula König

Expert consultant

Dr. techn. Ursula König is an independent mediator and expert consultant. Her services encompass a wide range of methods for constructive, systemic transformation of long-lasting, entrenched conflicts and guidance of change processes in small and large groups. Her particular expertise lies in complex multi-stakeholder processes in a dynamic, political, and also international environment. She is also engaged in TopikPro.

Nicole Töpperwien

Expert consultant

Dr. iur. Nicole Töpperwien is an expert consultant on diverse aspects of state organisation including federalism, decentralisation, power-sharing, inclusion of non-majority groups, in particular in conflict-affected multi-ethnic settings. She has broad expertise in supporting peace-, constitution-making and general governance reform processes. Her academic work on comparative constitutionalism and issues of nation-building provided her with the foundation for her subsequent work with governments, political parties, state and non-state organisations.

Since October 2018, she serves as Chief Executive Officer at the Soliswiss Cooperative. She remains partner at Ximpulse and supports the team on strategic matters and as a backstopper.